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wretched hive of scum and villainy

because rockin' out ain't like dustin' crops, boy.

cold hearted kayla
15 August 1987
5-dollar burritos, 80s pop culture, absence of socks, adventures, amélie, andy goldsworthy, art, art festivals, art history teachers, art nouveau, bad ideas, being a nerd, booby traps, books, bra shopping, breakfast, candles, capt. moroni, charlotte bronte, cheese, cherry garcia, cleverly concealed blades, club amadeus, conan o'brien, conspicuous sunglasses, costumes, cupcakes, dancing in my nudie-pants, dancing with myself, david bowie, depeche mode, disney, disposable cameras, drawing, dried roses, drizzt do'urden, e.e. cummings, entire pies, fairy tales, feather pillows, fields of lavender, final fantasy, firefly, fps's, friends that fart, gigglefesting, goldsworthy, gremlins, guitar solos, guitars, han solo, hats, hindi music, hobos, incense, indian food, indiana jones, inigo montoya, italian soda, jane austen, japan, jewelery, kingdom of loathing, klimt, kung fu movies, late night television, marilyn monroe, massages, mel brooks, minstrels, monty python, mr. darcy, mr. rochester, mr. wentworth, mucha, my dog, nephi, ninja parades, not excorcism movies, not highschool, old maps, opera, painting my toenails, photobooths, photography, pirates, playing with kittens, pomegranates, purple things, rainy wednesdays, rather soft sweatshirts, reese's peanut butter cups, retro shoes, ribbons, riding in shopping carts, rpg's, ruthie & nye, satin, secret compartments, sexy old cars, ships, shoe shopping, skirts, skirts over jeans, snapshots, star wars, sushi, swarthy fellows, teen girl squad, tennyson, the mafia, throw pillows, towanda!, video games, vikings, villains